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- Large secure gated yard

- Options available for overnight parking 

- Parking area is lit overnight

- Gate are locked overnight with only authorised access 


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- Large secure gated yard

- Options available for overnight parking 

- Parking area is lit overnight

- Gate are locked overnight with only authorised access 



​​​If you are looking for the ideal place for long term storage or short term space then we can help you. Our pallet storage area is highly secure and designed so that your stock will be stored safely, but with ease of access.


​​- For cost effective pallet storage, we may be your answer.

- Easy access to our discrete building locations.

- Dry loading and unloading facility.

- Short- and long-term storage available, you are not committed to any long-term contract requirements (minimum term one week)

- Itemized weekly invoicing, detailing all movements and storage charges.

- Our new pallet storage facility in Gatwick, offers easy access to M23 and M25 and is within 1 hour of central London

- Secure Storage located next to Gatwick.

- Two loading bays with easy access for 45-foot trailers.


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The primary role of transfer centres is cross docking (e.g., sorting and transhipping goods)


Received goods are immediately sorted and shipped to the next destination. We cater for every scenario be that a fallen pallet, reloading, moving from euro to UK trucks. We under stand that speed of processing is everything, in getting your goods back on the road in a secure and safe matter, Having 30 years industry knowledge we understand in this role, not one job is the same and we have a fully trained team, who can safely and securely overcome any challenges that might occur.


​​Doors direct into the warehouse allows quick and efficient turnaround options for decanting containers for storage or the immediate transportation of selected pallets or goods.


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- Storage in modern, discrete industrial building, fitted with comprehensive security and fire detection systems, connected via BT Red Care to a security centre which is manned 24 hours a day.

- Air-conditioned and humidity-controlled storage areas are available for specialist storage of sensitive documents.

- Powerful SQL database, allowing us to configure the system to our client’s requirements, with unique barcode labelling of all storage boxes, allowing for random storage order to improve security.

- Standard next working day delivery service.

- Urgent delivery service within 2 hours available.

- Staff on call 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year for documents required out of our standard working hours.

- On site offices for client's use when visiting to retrieve archival records.

- Secure document shredding service available on site.

- Short and long-term storage available, you are not committed to any long-term contract requirements (minimum term 1 month).

Itemised monthly invoice, clearly detailing all movements and storage charges.

- Secure Document storage in Gatwick.

- Secure storage for Solicitors and accountants.

- Medical Records storage for N.H.S and private health companies.

- Storage of paper documents in archive boxes, easy to retrieve.

- Long term storage with very competitive rates.


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If you are looking for secure storage for high value machinery, then we may have the answer. Our new storage facility in Gatwick has safe secure space, fully alarmed and monitored via London fire and security.

We can offer flexible short-term storage with a minimum storage term of 1 week.

If necessary, storage can be arranged in air conditioned / humidity-controlled areas for the ultimate storage solution.

  • Highly secure storage warehousing for equipment and machinery

  • Dry warehousing within 1 hour of central London

  • Over-sized items can be accommodated and stored in a safe environment.

  • New storage facility in Gatwick offers easy access to M25/M23/M20 and all major sea / airports

  • Clean and Dry environment for storing your items safely in a secure unit.


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Car Storage can offer a flexible solution to your vehicle storage requirements. With a discreet storage facility located within easy access of London, we are located just 5 minutes Gatwick Airport.

We can offer long- and short-term contracts, with easy access. Our car storage is dry and highly secure, with the option of dehumidified chambers to maintain your vehicle in optimum condition.

Also available is a full range of maintenance options, delivery and collection services, in fact we will do our utmost to ensure you receive the package that suits your requirements, including MOT’s, cleaning, polishing and detailing, leather upholstery conditioning, battery conditioning, secure storage of vehicle documents.

Primarily set up to cater for classic car storage, we can offer storage for any vehicle with easy access for use at any time. Typical reasons why our clients use us are: -

  • Secure home for cherished car while working on contract abroad. (airport pickup available and use of car on return to UK)

  • Temporary storage while having property extensions etc

  • Temporary storage while in rented property.

  • Long term storage for collectors who have exhausted their garaging space.

  • Seasonal storage for cars laid up during the winter months.

Storage site is operated by car enthusiast, so your car will be in good company and treated with the respect it deserves.